Our School - School vision statement and values

School vision

Our vision is to inspire students to embrace their diversity and be passionate about learning in order to achieve their personal best.

School values

We are committed to the values that we believe are essential in achieving the best possible outcomes for all students attending Tom Price Senior High School. Our school vision is underpinned by the following school values:

Personal best

We have a positive approach to learning and encourage each student to strive hard in their pursuit of excellence by aiming to attain their highest personal achievement in all aspects of schooling. We advance student learning based on our belief that all students have the capacity to learn and to achieve higher levels of learning.


We have high expectations that each member of our school community will acquire and practice on an ongoing basis a discipline of moral behaviour and belief. We expect all members of the school community to be honest and to be trustworthy.


We expect all members of our school community to care for self, others, the environment and to value property, be it communal or personal. This extends to being considerate and to treat others with dignity, accept diversity and individual.