Student Services - Chaplain

School Chaplains make valuable contributions to the spiritual and emotional well-being of school communities across Western Australia.

The Western Australian School Chaplaincy Program aims to support all schools and their communities that wish to establish or maintain school chaplaincy services. It is a program that assists schools and their communities to support the well-being of their students. This might include support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships and spiritual issues together with the provision of pastoral care and enhancing student engagement with the broader community.

The nature of the chaplaincy services to be provided, including the religious affiliation of the school chaplain, is a matter decided by the local school and its community. Students are not obliged to participate, and parents and students are informed about availability and the nature of the chaplaincy services.

The School Chaplaincy Program assists schools and their communities to provide greater pastoral care, general religious, personal advice and comfort to students and staff.

Tom Price SHS provides a breakfast club; be early! Our chaplain has an open door policy for students wishing to discuss any matters about which they may be concerned.